Here are a few ways you can keep your hair healthy.

How to prevent thinning hair: Part Two

As we have discussed on this blog before, there are many different reasons for why your hair falls out. The most common explanation is genetics, as the makeup of your family's genes will often determine whether or not you have a full head of hair as you go through life.

But genetics is not the only reason, with a number of other factors that can come into play, from the weather where you live to how you feel at work each day. Keeping your hair healthy and strong can be a challenge, but it certainly isn't impossible!

Here are a few tips for preventing hair loss:

  • Be gentle while drying: If you dry your hair with a towel, you should be gentle with how hard you rub your head. If you use too much force you will end up loosening and pulling out hairs that you don't mean to, something you certainly want to avoid.
  • Consult with a professional: There comes a point when the hair loss can be overwhelming and you aren't entirely sure what to do. In these situations, it is best to contact a medical professional so they can walk you through all of your options.
  • Don't pull on the follicles: You should avoid any hairstyles that will result in your hair being pulled back for hours on end. This intense pressure can be very damaging to the follicles, and result in weakened and damaged hair.

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