Did you know that in addition to preventing diseases and helping you live a better life exercise can actually promote hair growth?

Does exercise affect hair growth?

Exercising is a good habit for overall health. In fact, the Mayo Clinic recommended engaging in at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. But did you know that in addition to preventing diseases and helping you live a better life, exercise can also promote hair growth? 

"Stress hormones can slow down hair growth processes."

How exercise affects hair growth
When people exercise, their bodies release endorphins and get rid of stress. The endorphins promote feelings of happiness and relaxation, allowing the mind to reset and refocus. People who exercise are often less stressed, happier and healthier than those who do not. They also tend to eat healthier than people who do not engage in physical activity. So, how does this affect hair growth? Hair follicles go through several stages during the growth process, but they can be damaged or slowed down by stress hormones and poor eating habits. Therefore, by riding your body of toxins, anxiety and poor diet, you are helping your hair follicles transition through the anagen, catogen and telogen phases easier. 

Will physical activity improve your hair thickness?
Before you begin an exercise regimen, it is important to speak with your personal physician to ensure that you are healthy enough for exercise. Your doctor can help you design a workout routine that is best for your age, health and body type. After a few weeks following your new routine, you should see improvement to the quality and thickness of your hair. However, if your growth is still not satisfactory, you may consider a FUE procedure. This safe solution for hair loss is an excellent solution for those individuals who need to restart their hair growth.

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