Why do only some men experience hair loss?

Why do only some men experience hair loss?

Hair loss can seem like a toss of the dice. Some men begin to lose their hair in their early twenties, while others don't experience hair loss until middle age. Some men may never lose their hair.

Why do only some men go bald? In most cases, it really is just a toss of the genetic dice.

Genetics is the answer

According to LiveScience, male-pattern baldness is related to the hormone dihydrotestosterone. When present, this hormone can cause hairs to fall out and weakens replacement hairs until they stop forming within the follicle.

Harvard Medical School explained that a number of genes may be involved in the process and, contrary to popular belief, the genes come from both parents, not only the mother.

Male-pattern baldness usually begins during a person's 20s and 30s and may progress at varying speeds. Baldness may begin at the hairline and recede back, at the crown of the head radiating outward, or may simply affect the entire scalp at once, excluding the back of the head.

Male-pattern baldness is caused by genetics.Male-pattern baldness is caused by genetics.

Preventing male-pattern baldness

There is currently no way to completely stop genetic hair loss. Solutions such as minoxidil and finasteride – sold as Rogaine and Propecia, respectively – may slow the progress somewhat and could even lead to some regrowth.

Over time, hair restoration options are better suited to solving the problem of genetic baldness.

Follicular Unit Extraction

One of the most effective forms of hair restoration is called follicular unit extraction (FUE). In this procedure, a trained specialist harvests hair from other parts of the patient's body, including the back of the head, beard and abdomen, among other areas.

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