Hair Transplants to Hide Scars

shutterstock_224036521Hair transplants are not only good for those people who are looking to restore the health of their natural hair, but also for patients who want to improve other slight physical imperfections. Concealing scars, even those that are not related to hair transplant procedures, is a major reason people opt for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

When scarring does result from a hair transplant or other cosmetic procedure, there are two methods that are most effective at reversing the results. Scar revision excises or changes the shape of the scar entirely, while camouflage is a technique where hair follicles are transplanted directly into the scar itself, effectively concealing it from natural sight.

The method for fixing hair transplant scars are specific to the situation and the procedure that was completed, as each hair transplant patient has unique issues which can influence which approach is taken. The most significant factor that needs to be taken into consideration before camouflaging is the amount of donor hairs that are still on the scalp or body itself.