Smoking can lead to hair loss.

Can smoking cause hair loss?

If you're a smoker, you've likely been hearing about why you should quit that habit for years. While you've no doubt heard about the many terrible side effects like heart disease, lung disease, cancer and strokes. did you know smoking can also make your hair thinner?

A connection to thinning hair
Researchers with the National Center for Biotechnology Information are aware of a connection between smoking and hair loss. While most instances of male pattern baldness are hereditary, unhealthy habits like smoking can also contribute to thinning hair. 

While the connection has not yet been studied as deeply as other negative side effects of smoking, it's clear that a serious smoking habit can impact hair growth. If you're a regular smoker, you're at risk of thinning hair, in addition to many other health issues. 

"Smoking impairs circulation throughout your body."

How does smoking lead to hair loss?
It may sound like a stretch, but the connection is actually quite simple. It comes from our understanding of hair follicles, blood circulation and liver functions. 

In order to grow healthy hair, your follicles need oxygen, vitamins and minerals. Smoking impairs circulation throughout your body, and without blood bringing these nutrients to your scalp, your follicles can suffer. While hair restoration treatments such as laser hair therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy can introduce more nutrients to your follicles to stimulate hair growth, regular smoking has an adverse effect. 

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