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Balding is an incredibly prevalent problem, affecting approximately 85% of men by the age of 50, including many as early as 21. And, surprisingly to some, more than half of women experience balding at some point in their lives as well. Though common, balding can be a source of self-consciousness, impacting your self-image and appearance. Dr. James Marotta is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist on Long Island. Balding is treatable at Marotta Hair Restoration, using the most advanced solutions to hair loss available today. Schedule your consultation to begin your journey to a fuller head of hair and a better quality of life.

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What is Balding?

Balding is the result of excessive hair loss, usually attributed to androgenetic alopecia.

But due to aging and other factors, hair loss can begin to surpass growth. Balding typically begins to appear at the top of the head, an area more susceptible to the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) than other areas of the head. DHT is a natural hormone and a primary contributor to male pattern baldness. However, there are other factors that can lead to hair loss.

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What Causes Balding?

Balding can be a product of a variety of factors. Generally, androgenetic alopecia occurs as a result of genetics, aging, or hormonal changes. Oftentimes, a combination of these factors is to blame for balding. For example, genetics may make you predisposed to increases in DHT, which cause hair follicles to shrink, shortening the hairs’ growth phase.

Other causes of balding include certain medical conditions, treatments, stress, infection, or persistent tension on hair follicles (usually associated with hairstyles that pull the hair tight). The key to effectively stopping and reversing balding is to begin treatment as soon as you notice the condition beginning to appear. In men, balding typically becomes noticeable as the hairline recedes, causing the forehead to appear bigger. In women, however, balding first presents itself as hair thinning, causing the hair part to widen and more of the scalp to become visible.

Types of Balding Treatments

Marotta Hair Restoration offers the most advanced surgical and non-surgical solutions to balding. Depending on the severity of your condition, what’s causing it, your medical history, and your lifestyle, Dr. Marotta can help you design your optimal treatment plan. For some Long Island balding treatment patients, this means a single therapy, while others may undergo a combination of treatments.

In addition to FUT, Dr. Marotta performs FUE. This advanced therapy requires no linear scalp excision and produces beautifully natural-looking hair restoration results with little to no downtime. For patients who are interested in taking a completely non-surgical approach to enhancing their hair growth, we offer well-tolerated topical treatment, laser hair therapy, and PRP scalp injections. Due to the gentle nature of many of our treatments, most patients are candidates for combination therapy at Marotta Hair Restoration. Combine non-surgical therapies or enhance your surgical results for treatment that suits your life and results that achieve your goals.

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Schedule your Long Island Balding Treatment consultation with Dr. James Marotta today

During your consultation for balding treatments Long Island hair restoration expert, Dr. Marotta, will discuss every aspect of your condition to ensure that you receive an optimally tailored treatment plan.

As a premier facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist, Dr. Marotta offers exceptional skill and understanding of your concerns to deliver your best possible results. Schedule your consultation to discuss your treatment for balding with Dr. Marotta today to take the first step toward restoring your full, lush, youthful-looking hair. Marotta Hair Restoration serves patients on Long Island and throughout Suffolk County, NY.

Balding Treatments
Frequently Asked Questions

Can male pattern baldness be reversed?

With early treatment, growth can be restored. Baldness that has been present for a long period of time typically requires FUT or FUE.

How much do balding treatments cost?

The cost of your treatment depends on a number of factors, including the type of treatment, the extent of your condition, and any supplemental treatments you include in your plan. We know this is an important factor of your treatment and will cover this and other details during your consultation to ensure that your treatment suits you in every way.

Does my insurance cover it?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover hair restoration, as it is a cosmetic procedure and not medically necessary.

How long is recovery for balding treatments?

Most of the treatments at Marotta Hair Restoration involve minimal recovery if any. While FUT, our most invasive treatment, does require some downtime, our other hair restoration treatments allow most patients to return to work the following day, if not immediately after their treatment.

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