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PRP Non-surgical Hair Restoration

Natural Hair Growth on Long Island, NY | Marotta Hair Restoration

PRP injections deliver highly concentrated natural growth factors directly to your scalp for enhanced cellular regeneration. Rather than treatments that involve surgery, medication, or side effects, many patients prefer PRP as an all-natural approach to hair growth and restoration. PRP injections are safe and effective for virtually anyone, without the potential for allergies or sensitivities to ingredients as the PRP is harvested from the patient’s body. PRP Hair Restoration on Long Island, NY, offers comprehensive benefits with minimal risks.

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What is PRP?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a regenerative substance found within the blood.

PRP can be applied to various areas of the body for the treatment of multiple concerns. It is most commonly used to aid with soft tissue repair, anti-aging, and hair growth. As PRP is injected or delivered via other administration methods, it provides localized expedited repair of cells, improving their overall condition and function.

Blood plasma is a major component of the body’s natural repair mechanism. The PRP process removes red blood cells from a small blood sample to produce a highly concentrated, platelet-rich substance. This substance, or PRP, is delivered to the targeted area to, essentially, supercharge the body’s natural repair process.

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What are the benefits of PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP hair restoration dramatically boosts hair growth with virtually no risks. Treatment is fast and extremely well-tolerated. It is effective as an independent treatment; however, its high tolerability also makes it an exceptionally beneficial option for supplementing other hair restoration treatment methods. It also offers versatility as it can be applied to men and women experiencing hair loss due to a variety of factors and can also be used to enhance facial hair growth.

Am I a candidate for PRP Hair Restoration?

Most people are candidates for PRP therapy for hair restoration or growth enhancement. It is especially beneficial for patients with androgenic alopecia. However, certain conditions and factors may prevent some patients from undergoing this treatment. For example, patients who smoke or take blood thinners may not be candidates, in addition to those with bleeding disorders or a low platelet count. Chronic diseases may also disqualify some patients.

What should I expect during my PRP Hair Restoration procedure?

To begin your PRP treatment, an experienced technician will draw a small sample of your blood from which to harvest the PRP. They will then place the sample in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP from the other contents of the blood. The centrifuge will divide the sample into platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and red blood cells. To begin your PRP hair restoration Long Island hair growth expert, Dr. Marotta or one of his hair restoration specialists will draw the PRP into a syringe and administer injections throughout the treatment area, at approximately every half inch. Microneedling of the scalp is also performed to create channels. The PRP is topically applied to penetrate these channels in the scalp. The entire process takes about 30 minutes and involves no significant recovery or downtime.

PRP Hair Restoration Recovery

Patients will be able to return to all of your regular daily activities immediately after your appointment. You may experience some mild soreness from the areas in which your blood was drawn and where the PRP was injected, but this is mild.

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PRP Hair Restoration Results

Ongoing PRP treatment provides the best results with continued hair growth enhancement.

Most Long Island PRP hair restoration patients undergo treatment monthly for three to four months and then every three to six months. You can expect to first notice a difference in your hair growth about two or three months after your first treatment, including reduced hair shedding, faster regrowth, and increased hair length.

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What treatments can I use in conjunction with PRP?

PRP beautifully complements any of the other hair restoration therapies offered at Marotta Hair Restoration, including our surgical and non-surgical treatments. We offer follicular unit transplantation (FUT or strip harvesting), follicular unit extraction (FUE), laser hair therapy, and prescription topical hair restoration treatment. Combination therapy is often the most advantageous approach to hair restoration.

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Dr. James Marotta is a leading dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist in Suffolk County. PRP treatment at Marotta Hair Restoration is one of the most universally beneficial hair restoration therapies available. If you would like to learn more about PRP hair restoration or develop your combination treatment plan with Dr. Marotta, please contact us to schedule your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

PRP Hair Restoration
Frequently Asked Questions

Are the results from PRP hair restoration permanent?

While the effects of PRP hair restoration are not permanent, they are substantial and long-lasting with proper maintenance.

Will my hair shed after my PRP hair restoration treatment?

Because of the hair’s natural growth cycle, it is common to experience some hair shedding in the weeks following treatment. This shedding period can sometimes appear twice as heavy as a patient’s normal hair shedding and can last eight to 10 weeks; however, it is no cause for concern.

Are there any limitations after PRP hair restoration treatment?

While recovery following PRP hair restoration is extremely minimal, you can take some simple measures to ensure the best treatment outcome. First of all, you should avoid any hair products for the first six hours after treatment. You may take a hot shower that evening to promote the effects of your treatment. For two days after your treatment, you should avoid steam rooms, saunas, and swimming. You should also avoid sun exposure, heat, and strenuous exercise for two days. Lastly, you refrain from caffeine, alcohol, and smoking for a minimum of three days after your treatment to support healing.

How can I prepare for my PRP hair restoration treatment?

On the day of your procedure, you should make sure to eat breakfast or lunch and drink plenty of water (500 mL within two hours of your treatment is ideal). You may wash your hair with shampoo on the morning of your treatment, although you should not use conditioner. Also, avoid applying gels, sprays, or other styling products to your hair or scalp. If you are using topical products for hair growth, Dr. Marotta may instruct you to temporarily stop using them several days before your PRP treatment.

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