Beard Transplants

shutterstock_229821766There are all kinds of plastic surgery procedures available out there, with new ones becoming increasingly popular every day. According to recent reports, the popularity of the beard transplant has increased six-fold over the past five years. These days, it is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures for men around the world.

If you are somebody who has a patchy beard or really cannot grow facial hair, but want to, chances are that a beard transplant is just what you need! If you also happen to be a little skeptical when it comes to this procedure, don’t worry! This post will explore some of the aspects of this surgery to take into consideration before you make your decision.

The transplanted hairs are taken directly from the back of the scalp, as these are the follicles that most closely resemble actual hair that is grown around the chin. The hairs also fall out after about two weeks from the operation date, but will permanently grow in place around three months down the road. Patience is key with a beard transplant surgery.

The good news about beard transplants is that the recovery time is minimal, as is the pain you will feel after the operation. The procedure can take anywhere from two to five hours. The number of hairs  depends on how dense the patient desires this his beard as well as the density of hair in the patients natural beard.

If you are interested in professional hair replacement surgery, or learning more about the beard transplant procedure, be sure to schedule an appointment with Marotta Hair Restoration today!