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Even when you're in the shower, you may be putting your hair at risk.

3 ways to care for your hair while in the shower

Even when you're in the shower, you may be putting your hair at risk. Here are a few ways you can properly care for your hair while washing it:

  • Avoid combing in the shower: You might not realize it, but combing or brushing wet hair can actually do much more harm than good in terms of the hair's overall health. The stretching and pulling will cause unnecessary stress on the strands, so save the work of detangling and brushing out the hair until after it has somewhat dried.
  • Be gentle while drying: One of the most important steps in your routine is how you dry your hair after you have stepped out of the shower. Many people have a tendency to just rub their hair dry with a rough towel, but this can actually damage the follicles even more. Gently squeeze the hair with a soft towel instead of roughing it up.
  • Don't pile your hair up: When adding shampoo and conditioner to your hair, don't pile it all up on top of your head. Instead, you should be smoothing the hair down in a relaxed, downward motion. This will allow every strand to get the nourishment it needs and help you do the work of detangling your hair.

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