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Why are beard transplants so popular among men?

Beard transplants are increasingly popular among men

While a large percentage of hair transplant patients visit a medical professional in order to restore hair to the tops of their heads, that is not the only available option out there. Because beards have been in for the last couple of years, there is a new trend that is gaining traction among men all across the country, though it is especially apparent in New York — beard transplants.

Hair restoration professionals all over the United States have noticed a definite uptick in beard transplant business over the last couple of years, with many men willing to pay big bucks in order to have the facial hair they have always wanted. People that have beard transplants generally have facial hair already, but simply have patches they want to get filled out with their own hair.

Most hair transplant surgeons credit this uptick in beard transplants to the changing culture, with beards becoming more and more popular with celebrities and others in the public eye. This is especially true among younger men looking to fill out their facial hair early on.

According to those who perform the procedures, it is a very meticulous process to go through. Medical professionals and their technicians remove hair strands from other parts of the body where the follicles are still intact, which is usually the bottom of the back of the head. The hair is then moved and transplanted on the part of the face where the facial hair is desired by the patient.

This is done by the surgeon making small holes in the face with a 0.8 mm blade and inserting each hair into place. According to some hair transplant surgeons, the most difficult part of the beard transplant procedure is the angles are which they are done. Because patients do want hair sticking straight out, surgeons must place the hair within the natural curves and shape of the face.

Once everything is said and done and the follicles are in place, the hair will grow in like a natural beard. The procedure often takes up to a full day to complete, and the pricing can vary depending on how extensive the transplant is. There are very few risks associated with the procedure, as well as a short recovery time, which is part of the reason why it has become so popular.

The most common thing that patients experience after the procedure has been completed is some redness on the site of the transplant, as well as some mild itching. Some patients in the past have claimed it can be relatively intense, but hair transplant professional assure patients that it is all short-lived and will not greatly impact their day-to-day lives.

The procedure, while becoming more popular in the mainstream, is still used predominantly by men who have scarring that they would like to have covered up as effectively as possible. However, the shift is starting to occur where male patients simply want to improve the density and coverage of their facial hair for reasons that are purely cosmetic. This is especially true for men in their 20s and 30s.

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