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Here are a few ways to care for your hair this winter.

How can you care for your thinning hair this winter?

Winter is finally here, which means the arrival of nasty weather and, in particular, low temperatures. In addition to being uncomfortable, the weather this time of year can take a physical toll on hair, especially if follicles are already thinning. If people are not careful, they could sustain long-term risk to their locks over the course of the next few months.

Dryness is one of the main killers of hair throughout this time of year. Between the central air in your home and the dry winter air outside, hair does not get any relief from its surroundings. When outside, it is crucial that people wear hats outside, as well as use a gentle shampoo to clean the hair each day. This will stimulate healthy hair growth all winter long.

Another thing people need to watch out for is what they eat over the course of winter, especially over the holiday season. Because diets tend to suffer toward the end of the year, people consume more unhealthy food, including candy and fatty foods. Consume these foods in moderation, or else the lack of protein and other essential substances will lead to undernourished hair, which is catastrophic for already weak hair.

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