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How can patients prepare for hair restoration surgery?

How to prepare for hair restoration surgery

The most important goal of hair restoration surgery is a result that looks and feels completely natural. While the majority of that responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the surgeons themselves, there are plenty of steps patients can take in order to ensure everything goes according to plan. The more a patient knows about natural growth, as well as the procedure they are about to have, the better the hair will look in the end.

Every patient is, of course, an individual, and will likely receive specific instructions from their chosen hair restoration surgeon based on their situation. However, there are certain protocols that each person can and should follow prior to their operation. For example, one week prior to the scheduled surgery date, it is important that patients stay away from both alcohol and nicotine. These products are bad for your health and recovery.

"The more a patient knows about natural growth, as well as the procedure they are about to have, the better the hair will look in the end."

Smoking inhibits the blood flow to the scalp and skin, which can interfere with the surgery and even disrupt the recovery process. When the nicotine restricts the blood vessels, oxygen rich blood cannot make it to the surgical site, meaning the final results will not be what is desired by the patient. Consuming alcohol will make it much more likely that a patient will bleed during a procedure, which is why it needs to be avoided entirely. 

Patients should wash their hair the morning of their surgery, but skip any products if they usually load up their follicles with gel or spray. Most surgeons will also suggest not getting a haircut at least a month before the surgery, as this will ensure donor site coverage. Should a patient live in a sunny or warm environment, avoiding the sun is also necessary, as a sunburned scalp will make the surgery difficult to move forward with.

The length of the hair restoration procedure will depend entirely on the amount of grafts that are necessary. They generally last up to several hours, so patients will need to clear out their entire day and make sure that a ride is available when everything is said and done. The recovery process is also one that will depend on the extent of the surgery, but patients are generally able to return to their daily routines within a week or so, meaning that time will need to be taken off.

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