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FUE is an advanced treatment that can help reverse thinning hair.

The future of hair restoration surgery is here

Many people who are dealing with thinning hair worry that hair restoration treatments can leave them with painful recovery and scarring. While that may have been the case with older and less advanced procedures, modern treatments are more effective than ever, and far more comfortable. Procedures such as follicular unit extraction, or FUE , represent the most modern treatments for combating and reversing baldness.

Waqar Hassan of The Examiner referred to FUE as "a permanent hair loss solution," and noted that celebrities such as Manchester United star Wayne Rooney have received this treatment with fantastic results. FUE involves extracting hairs from donor areas on the patient's body. These follicular units can come from a patient's arms, legs, neck, back or beard. These units are used as donors for new hair on the patient's scalp. 

"FUE is referred to as a 'scarless hair transplant.'"

The FUE procedure is far less painful than other hair restoration surgeries. Post-surgery pain or discomfort is minimal, and there is no scarring. In fact, FUE is often referred to as a "scarless hair transplant." Patients only need to wear a hat to cover the scalp when they go home that day. Recovery time for FUE is significantly shorter than other types of hair restoration surgery. FUE is an excellent choice for men who prefer to wear their hair shorter, since there are no visible scars on the scalp. 

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