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After your FUE procedure, take care of your newly-restored hair.

Making the most of your new hair after FUE

After your follicular unit extraction treatment, you'll want to take excellent care of your newly-restored hair to ensure the best results. FUE is less invasive than a strip procedure, so you will likely have a faster recovery time than someone undergoing FUT. There will be no visible scarring, but it's possible that you will have some swelling for a few days. 

Unlike FUT, in which a strip of the scalp is transplanted, FUE leaves no line scarring behind, so it's a much easier recovery. While the recovery period is very fast, it's still a good idea to follow these guidelines for the first days and weeks after your medical hair restoration so you can get the most enjoyment out of your procedure. Your doctor will likely have more specific guidelines for you to follow, but these are good general tips. 

Time off
It depends on your individual case, but often a patient can return to work after a day or two. Going back to work may not be the most exciting thing, but at least you'll have a quick recovery and you'll be able to show off the new you to your colleagues. 

"FUE is less invasive than a strip procedure, so you will likely have a faster recovery time."

You can shower as soon as the day after your FUE procedure. Your scalp may still be a bit sensitive for the next 10 days, so during that time period avoid getting direct shower pressure on your scalp. Your doctor can go over how to wash your scalp, and in some cases you may receive special shampoo. 

Take it easy for the first week after your FUE procedure. You want to avoid any activities that could result in contact with your scalp, and you also want to avoid excessive sweating. After a few days you can begin some light exercise, and after a week or so you can start to get back to your normal workout routine.

It's recommended that you sleep with your head elevated a bit for several nights after your procedure, so add an extra pillow when you go to bed. This will help keep any swelling down. 

It's important to remember that every person's experience may be different, so ask your doctor for more specific guidelines for the days following your FUE procedure. 

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