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3 tips for grooming your beard

Follicle fans rejoice: The beard is back in style! Whether you like it long and bushy or neatly trimmed, one thing everyone can agree on is that keeping beards in good shape takes work. Cleaning and grooming your facial hair is well worth the effort, though, so think of these ideas next time you need to change up your morning grooming routine.

  1. Watch the skin: Just because your face is covered with hair doesn't mean you can ignore the skin under it. Pay attention to how the beard affects your face, and be sure to moisturize and wash the skin for the best effect. Dry skin, acne and other concerns could pop up the longer you let your hair grow.
  2. Keep your mustache out of your mouth (if you prefer): At some point, the hair on your upper lip could find itself at a perfect chewing length. This could happen without you even realizing it, so trim it regularly, along with the rest of your beard, to avoid irritation. However, there's a chance you like the extremely long-haired look, so if that's the case, you may just want to style it so it doesn't trip you up when you eat.
  3. Be careful with beard ornaments: Believe it or not, one of the big trends for beard owners, especially in December, is to deck yourself out with beard-friendly holiday lights, as Mashable profiled. This might seem like a fun way to stay festive, but be careful that you don't get everything all tangled. In general, combing your beard to leave it smooth may go along well with keeping it trim.
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