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Some say that washing your hair every day could be too much.

How should men wash their hair? A few things to remember

Should the average man really wash his hair every day? And what's the best way to do it? This is a surprisingly complex subject that, like a lot of grooming advice, can play out differently for each person. At the end of the day, though, there may be specific ways to improve your current hair care regimen for the best results.

Let's look at the different aspects of male showering and all the factors you need to know to keep your hair at its best.

End goals
Before you start changing your habits, ask yourself what kind of hair texture you really want. What smell, look and feel are you going for? There are products for all of these things, and implementing them can be just the difference your current routine needs.

In an October 2016 article from The New York Times, hairstylist Jeff Chastain said that the right amounts of shampoo and conditioner need to be balanced against each other for the ultimate feel. That should be a head of hair with a pleasing texture, he said, with a certain amount of oil to it.

"Guys want touchable hair," he said. "They don't want it to look like there's anything in there."

Achieving the balance
To achieve this, Chastain recommended men scrub their hair with conditioner more often than shampoo. In fact, he only advised men to use shampoo one day per week, with just conditioner going in on the other six.

Not surprisingly, there's disagreement on the exact number of days for washing. But it's interesting to note that other sources seem to keep the number relatively low. Boston-based barber Van Cappizzano told Business Insider that men shouldn't imagine their hair as a clean slate every morning, after they use shampoo. The article said that Cappizzano warns customers away from shampoo completely, while also noting that a maximum of three days washed per week is what "most professionals agree."

Regardless of which belief you follow, the clear goal seems to be fewer days spent shampooing than not and a healthy balance of products.

There's one more thing to consider, and that's the style of hair you have. We're not just talking about the way you like to wear your hair, but also the kind of hair you naturally have on your head and how it grows.

We generally like to talk about straight, wavy and curly hair, and a GQ article recommended slightly different amounts of washing for each type. In contrast to some of the other sources we've mentioned, GQ quoted barber Miles Elliot, who said that those with straight hair may want to wash every day. The curlier the hair, though, the less this is necessary.

The main concern with over-washing is the way it could strip the hair of its natural oils. Dermatologist Lynne Goldberg told the Providence Journal as much in a recent article. So once again, it's worth putting a reasonable schedule in place, no matter what kind of follicles you have.

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