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Hair Restoration Technique

The hair transplant technique Dr. Marotta performs is called “follicular unit transplantation” or “micro-surgical hair transplantation.”

In order to understand why this technique is superior you have to learn a little bit about how hair grows. The hair grows in follicular units. The follicular unit is the “bulb” or “root” of the hair which actually produces the hair. A follicular unit can make anywhere from 1 to 3 hairs. Old techniques transplanted multiple follicles giving a clumped look. Dr. Marotta is able to transplant 1 follicular unit at a time; these are called “mini-grafts” (2-3 hairs) and “micro-grafts” (1 hair). Because of the small size of these transplants a natural, undetectable result can be achieved.

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What Is Involved

You will have a comprehensive hair loss evaluation with Dr. Marotta in order to determine the cause of your hair loss.

Blood tests may be in order. In addition to hair transplantation, Dr. Marotta may advise medical treatments like Propecia or Rogaine. In extreme cases of hair loss, other surgical procedures, like scalp reduction, may provide optimal results.

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Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair Transplantation is performed under local anesthesia in our state of the art facility. Patients report minimal discomfort with hair transplantation. The procedure may take 4-8 hours depending on the number of grafts being transplanted. We like to have patients plan to spend the day with us. Breakfast and lunch are provided and the time may be passed watching movies or listening to music. A mild oral sedative may be given to help keep you comfortable lying down for a prolonged period.

Hair Restoration Recovery

You may return to work and light activity the very next day following hair transplantation. You will need to wear a baseball cap during the day and surgical cap at night to protect the grafts from trauma for 3 days. Some scabbing at the graft sites persists for 1 week.

Long Island hair restoration patients report minimal to no discomfort following the procedure. You should avoid vigorous physical activity or heavy lifting for 1 week following hair transplantation. The transplanted hair will grow in and thicken over 4 months. It will continue to thicken up to a year following the procedure. Every transplant procedure will improve your hairline and any balding areas dramatically. Additional hair transplant sessions are possible after 4-6 months depending on your goals for your hair.

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Long Island hair restoration specialist and facial plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta is here to help you reach your goals on your terms. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Marotta to restore your hair’s youthful density and your confidence today.

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