Micropigmentation (Tattooing of Hair)

shutterstock_150695795If you are somebody who suffers from thinning hair, there are all kinds of options out there that you will likely want to try in the near future. Of course, there are the procedures that are common, such as hair transplants, but there are also ways you can conceal your thinning locks that you might not have even heard about or thought of trying in the past.

A hair tattoo, or scalp micropigmentation, is a form of tattoo that gives the appearance of a short buzz cut hairstyle on a head that is either completely bald or has follicles that are very thin and weak. The procedure can be used in a number of different ways, including concealing scars from a recent hair transplant or by making thinner hair seem thicker.

In contrast to other tattoos that people get on their bodies, the needle does not penetrate the skin as deeply. This is good news for those who are interested in getting the procedure done, but might not have as high a tolerance for pain as is needed for different kinds of tattoos. The ink will also stay the same color over time, as they are less prone to changing.

This procedure is relatively new in the world of hair transplants and cosmetic surgery, and is often touted as a viable alternative to invasive surgery. There are a number of advantages to this procedure, including the lack of scars after it is over and virtually no recovery time.

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