Here are a few ways you can prevent dry and damaged hair.

Prevent dry hair with these 3 tips

If you have noticed that your hair is on the dryer side, consider making these strategies a part of your daily beauty routine in order to restore any lost moisture:

  • Deep condition: Once a week you will want to incorporate a deep conditioner as part of your shower. A deep conditioner can do a lot to control the damage caused by dry hair, especially if you have a tendency to use too much shampoo in the morning. Deep conditioners are great for returning lost moisture to dry hair.
  • Shampoo less often: If you tend to wash your hair every day, it may be time to reconsider. According to experts, shampooing daily is actually drying out your hair and doing more harm than good. Your hair only needs to be thoroughly washed twice a week, so skip over the five days of shampooing if possible.
  • Skip heat styling: Many people like to style their hair before leaving in the morning, either with a blow dryer, hair straightener or curling iron. All of this heat is extremely damaging to hair follicles, especially during the winter, when the air is already drying out your hair as is. If you do not have time to let your hair air dry, use a heat protection spray before turning on one of the aforementioned tools.

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