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Medical hair treatments can restore your eyebrow hair.

Are there hair restoration treatments for your eyebrows?

While many people may not realize it, the hair on your eyebrows can become thinner and fall out entirely. Factors that lead to loss of eyebrows include anemia, thyroid disease, overplucking, stress, scarring, or genetics. Penciled-in eyebrows may not be the answer – for real, natural eyebrows, it's going to take medical hair restoration. 

"If your eyebrow hair is thinning, there's hope."

If your eyebrow hair is thinning, there's hope. In addition to returning hair to the top of your head, hair restoration treatments can also return it to your eyebrows. The donor hairs for an eyebrow transplant come from the patient's own scalp. To give a natural appearance, the hair follicles are transplanted one at a time, with as many as 325 individuals hairs placed into each eyebrow. This individual follicle extraction is similar to the FUE procedure performed on the scalp. 

The eyebrow transplant procedure generally doesn't take any longer than two hours, and the short recovery should be painless. While there may initially be some crust around the transplanted hairs, any signs of a surgery will be gone in three to five days, and the patient can resume all normal activities. Since this is hair that came from the scalp, it will continue to grow and will probably need to be trimmed once a month or so. 

If you're suffering from thinning eyebrow hair, or any other type of hair loss and you'd like to learn more about hair replacement treatments on Long Island, schedule an appointment with Marotta Hair Restoration today! Dr. Marotta is a dual-board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in medical treatments for hair loss. Visit our website to learn more about FUE, FUT and all of the other treatment options we offer to our clients.

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