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The man bun hairstyle can lead to thinning hair.

Man bun hairstyle can lead to hair loss

We've seen it on celebrities and all over Instagram. It's an ongoing trend, but is it safe for your hair? Experts say not so much. 

The man bun, also known as a top knot, has been a very popular hairstyle over the last few years. Celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth and Jared Leto have all sported it. However, experts say this fashionable hairdo can damage hair follicles and lead to baldness.

"Long-term pulling on the hairs can lead to irreversible damage to follicles."

Wearing a man bun usually entails pulling hair back very tightly into a knot that rests on the top of the scalp. This tightness and constant pulling of the hair are the source of the damaging effects, though. Dermatologist Sabra Sullivan told Mic that wearing your hair like this can lead to traction alopecia, a common type of baldness around the forehead and temples. Long-term pulling on the hairs in this manner can lead to irreversible damage to follicles. This effect is true for women as well.

Not everyone who wears a top knot will see his hair thinning, but those that wear this hairstyle long-term are more likely to see the effects. If you prefer to wear your hair up, make sure to keep it loose. If you've noticed your hairline has been receding, loosen your bun and consider hair restoration treatments. 

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