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Micropigmentation could be the hair loss solution for you.

Micropigmentation: A less invasive option

Hair loss treatments come in many different forms, depending on the needs of the patient. Some men are looking for hair replacement surgery, while others are looking for less invasive procedures. For some, micropigmentation might be the answer to their hair loss problems. 

This uncommon procedure is essentially a hair tattoo. The doctor creates tiny dots of ink on the patient's scalp. These dots are permanent, and they give the appearance of a very short buzz cut. While this treatment obviously does not return hair to the patient like FUE, it's an option for someone who is tired of covering his bald spots and doesn't want to go through surgical treatments for hair loss.

"The treatment can also be used to hide scarring or fill in some thin areas on the scalp."

The recovery time for micropigmentation is virtually nothing, and it leaves no scars. Patients can choose ink to match any hair color. While the ink is permanent, it may require occasional touching up, like any tattoo. 

Micropigmentation is a possible solution for patients with extremely thin hair, or those who are completely bald. The treatment can also be used to hide scarring or fill in some thin areas on the scalp. A recent Our Windsor article by Geoffrey Vendeville reported that micropigmentation has been growing in popularity, in cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, London, Houston and Seattle. 

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