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Enjoy new-found confidence with hair restoration treatments.

How hair restoration treatments improve your life

If you're experiencing thinning hair or more advanced baldness, your quality of life may be suffering. Perhaps you don't like to go outside without a hat, or you don't feel as confident in the workplace. Hair restoration treatments like FUE can change your life, and help you live with confidence. 

Innovative technologies
Many peoples' perceptions of hair loss treatments are seriously outdated. They often think about older treatments, and don't even know about more advanced hair restoration treatments such as FUE. FUE is the next step in medical hair restoration, allowing you to grow your own natural hair with a quick recovery time and minimal visible scarring. 

"Hair restoration treatments like FUE can change your life."

For many men, losing their hair can damage their self-esteem. For most, having a nice haircut is a source of pride, and taking care of their hair can improve their appearance. The confidence that comes from a great head of hair can help a man foster relationships in social and professional settings.

Active lifestyles
Advanced hair replacement surgery like FUE or FUT let you live the active, healthy lifestyle you've always had. After the brief recovery process, you can do everything you'd normally do, including swimming or running.

New opportunities
In many professional settings, appearing youthful and energetic can give you a career boost. Confidence is also key, and with your own natural hair you can enjoy a younger, more confident and more dynamic look. 

If you're suffering from hair loss and you'd like to learn more about hair replacement treatments on Long Island, schedule an appointment with Marotta Hair Restoration today! Dr. Marotta is a dual-board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in medical treatments for hair loss. Visit our website to learn more about FUE, FUT and all of the other treatment options we offer to our clients.

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