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There are many different hair restoration treatments.

Are there alternatives to hair replacement surgery?

When it comes to hair restoration treatments, there is no one right answer for everyone. Some people may want to avoid hair replacement surgery, or they might not be ideal candidates for surgery. Here are some less invasive hair restoration treatments, with information on the types of patients that usual benefit from them:

Laser hair therapy
This procedure involves delivering cold, painless light energy directly to the scalp. The light energy helps to increase blood flow to the hair follicles, and the increased oxygen from this blood flow can stimulate natural hair growth. In many cases this can help to stop hair loss.

"There are so many solutions for hair loss, no matter the situation."

Laser hair therapy, while often overlooked, is an option for individuals who are suffering from thinning hair but want to avoid hair replacement surgery. It's a less invasive treatment for thinning hair, but it may not work for everyone. It can work for people whose hair is thinning for many reasons, including iron deficiency, medication or damage from excessive coloring.

PRP with ACell injections
Another treatment without surgery is platelet-rich plasma with ACell injections. The doctor takes a sample of blood from the patient's scalp, modifies it with a cocktail of proteins and injects it back into the scalp. The protein cocktail can help to stimulate natural hair growth. Like laser hair therapy, this is a less invasive alternative to hair replacement surgery which can help individuals with thinning hair. 

PRP therapy is not recommended for individuals with blood clotting problems, low platelet counts, a long history of smoking, or any recent cancer treatments. PRP therapy can be a very effective treatment for alopecia areata patients. 

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