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A restoration specialist can go over your treatment options.

When is the right time to consider hair restoration treatments?

Millions of people are experiencing thinning hair. In many cases, the sooner you speak with a hair restoration specialist, the sooner you can consider your options and take action. Are you wondering if now is a good time to talk to an expert about solutions for hair loss? Here are some factors to think about. 

Age considerations
You should be in your mid- to late-twenties at the least. If you're younger than that, it's too early to be considering medical hair restoration. Before providing the best options for your hair restoration, the doctor needs to be able to determine your eventual pattern of hair loss. If you're younger than your mid-twenties, it's too early for your doctor to accurately predict this pattern, making it difficult to provide the best hair restoration treatment. 

"An expert could advise you on what to do about thinning hair."

Stages of hair loss
If you've begun to notice thinning hair around your temples or the crown of your head, it's a good idea to consult with a hair restoration specialist. An expert could advise you on what to do about thinning hair and provide you with a number of options. If you wait until the later stages of the Norwood Hamilton Scale, your options will be limited. 

Health situation
There are many medical conditions that can contribute to hair loss, in addition to typical male pattern baldness. If your hair loss is caused by a medical condition, you may still be able to benefit from hair restoration surgery. However, it's best if you consult with your general physician before considering hair restoration treatments. 

If you're concerned about hair loss and you're looking for a hair loss clinic on Long Island, schedule an appointment with Marotta Hair Restoration today! Dr. Marotta is a dual-board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in medical treatments for hair loss. Visit our website to learn more about FUE, FUT and all of the other treatment options we offer to our clients.

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