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Your scalp can burn too, so remember to take care of it when you're out in the sunshine.

Take care of your scalp this spring

It's getting warmer out, and that means soon you'll be able to enjoy more time outside in the sun. Remember that your scalp health can affect your hair follicles, so follow these tips when you're having fun in the sun.

Go easy on the chlorine
Chlorine from the pool can dry your scalp. If you swim in a pool frequently, wear a swim cap or wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo afterwards. 

Don't forget the sunscreen
Many people forget that your scalp can burn too. Not only does it hurt, but a sunburn on your scalp can dry the skin and follicles. When applying sunscreen, gently apply some to your scalp. Light spray-on sunblock works best for this. 

"A dry scalp is bad for your follicles."

Use moisturizing shampoos
A dry scalp is bad for your follicles, so wash your hair every day with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you spend time in a swimming pool, make sure to wash your hair afterwards to get the chlorine out. 

Try a short haircut
A shorter haircut can make you more comfortable in warm weather, and it's easier to take care of your hair and scalp. Don't buzz it because you'll still need hair to protect your scalp, but a nice tapered look will keep you comfortable. 

Avoid alcohol
Don't worry, you can still drink alcohol (in moderation, of course). We're talking about alcohol on your scalp. If you use styling gels or other hair products, check the label to see what's in it. Many of these products contain alcohol, which can dry out your scalp. Look for hair products with more natural ingredients that will help to moisturize your skin and follicles. 

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