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Hair restoration treatments can give you dating a boost.

Give your dating life a jump start with hair replacement surgery

31-year-old Richard King has been enjoying his hair transplant results. It appears the ladies are enjoying the results as well. 

The English bachelor decided to have hair restoration surgery after years of trying to hide his receding hairline. He told the Mirror, "I'd always thought hair transplants were for older men or rich footballers. But it got to the point where my thinning hair was really affecting my self-esteem and overall confidence, so surgery became a viable option."

"King noticed an uptick in attention on the Tinder dating app."

After undergoing medical hair restoration, King updated his profile pictures on the Tinder dating app to show off his new, natural hair. He started to receive more matches than before, so he decided to perform a little experiment. King created two separate Tinder profiles. The information they contained was similar, but with different pictures. One featured King when he was balding, while the other showed him with his new hair. 

King's findings were quite telling: The profile with his new hair received 203 matches, compared to the 116 matches with his bald photos. On Tinder, a match occurs when both users show interest in one another. In King's case, the profile featuring his new head of hair received 75 percent more interest! First impressions certainly matter, and now King is much more confident, both online and in person. 

If your thinning hair is holding you back and you'd like to regain your confidence with hair replacement surgery, look no further. Dr. Marotta is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in hair restoration surgery. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about professional hair replacement treatments on Long Island. 

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