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When it comes to hair restoration surgery, how young is too young?

The right age for hair restoration surgery

Male pattern baldness can begin at any age. Since hair loss is usually gradual, many men don't experience noticeable hair loss until they're in their 30s, 40s and 50s. In some rare cases, men in their teens may start seeing signs of baldness. 

While they may want to take action right away, it's important to note that hair restoration treatments should not be performed on young men. The earliest age for hair replacement surgery is mid to late 20s. Any earlier and the treatment could be less effective over the long term. 

"The doctor needs to determine your eventual pattern of hair loss."

In order to recommend the best options for your hair restoration, doctors specializing in hair restoration need to determine your eventual pattern of hair loss. By identifying this, these professionals will know which areas need more attention, and which will be best for donor hairs. If you're too young, doctors cannot accurately predict this pattern.

In a man's mid- to late 20s,  his eventual pattern baldness will be clearer than it was in his youth. This allows the doctor to provide the best possible treatment. However, many men don't start to notice significant hair loss until they're closer to middle age. If a young man is already losing a noticeable amount of hair before his mid-20s, it's possible there is an underlying issue other than genetics causing baldness. 

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