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Some people lose their hair because they compulsively pull it out.

Types of Hair loss: Trichotillomania and traction alopecia

While many causes of hair loss, or alopecia, are related to the roots or follicles, sometimes the problem lies with the hair shaft itself and the way a person treats it. Taking poor care of the hair or damaging it outright can cause it to thin and fall out. Some ways to correct hair loss involve altering a person's day-to-day behavior.

Trichotillomania occurs when a person pulls at his or her own hair until it falls out. Often, the individual doing this doesn't even realize it. For many people suffering from trichotillomania, it can be a nervous habit similar to biting their nails. Pulling out their hair will lead to bald spots on the target areas eventually. They often focus on one spot in particular, such as part of the scalp or the eyelashes. 

"Some ways to correct hair loss involve altering daily behavior."

While these individuals understand that they shouldn't be plucking their hairs out, they often feel a compulsion to do so and find it difficult to stop. Experts disagree on the causes of trichotillomania. While some believe it's a simple nervous habit, others argue that it's a symptom of a larger psychological problem. While hair restoration treatments can address the actual hair loss, a patient suffering from trichotillomania should also seek therapy in order to address the underlying cause of the compulsion. 

Traction alopecia
A less severe form of hair pulling can occur due to certain types of hairstyles.Topknots (or "man buns"), cornrows or tight hatbands  can, over a long period of time, pull at hair shafts. This constant pulling can weaken the shafts and lead to bald spots. If you wear your hair in one of these styles and you've noticed it's begun to thin, it's recommended that you loosen your hairstyle so there isn't so much pulling on the shafts. 

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