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These bad habits can contribute to hair loss

If you've noticed that your hair is starting to thin, think about your day-to-day habits. Some of the things that you do on a regular basis could be weakening your hair follicles. If these habits continue, you could find yourself balding. 

Excessive use of hair dryers or heat styling tools
If you have longer  hair, you may use heated styling tools like blow dryers. High temperatures can strip your hair shafts of proteins and damage their cuticles. Without a cuticle, a hair is more prone to breaking. Limit blow dryer use to two or three times a week, and use it on the lower settings. Or better yet, towel dry. 

"Maintaining a diet rich in proteins will help keep your follicles in shape."

Poor diet or crash dieting
Starving yourself can weaken your hair. If your nutrient intake is suddenly cut drastically, your body will redirect remaining nutrients to more essential functions, robbing your hair of many of the vitamins it needs to stay strong. Likewise, eating too much junk food can leave your hair without important nutrients. Maintaining a diet rich in proteins will help keep your follicles in the best shape. 

Too many hot, steamy showers
While a hot shower after a long day can be a great stress reliever, too much heat right on your scalp can dry up your hair, making it brittle and weak over time. Turning the temperature from hot to warm when washing your hair or wearing a shower cap will help protect your follicles from the drying effects of hot water.  

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