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FUE is the most advanced hair replacement surgery, and allows patients to enjoy their own natural hair.

The history of hair replacement surgery: FUE and FUT

We have seen hair transplant technology come quite a long way since it was initially practiced in the 1930s. In this final installment, we will discuss the most advanced hair restoration treatments that are practiced by specialists today. 

In the 1990s, surgeons were practicing the mini-micro-grafting procedure, in which grafts of different sizes were placed on the scalp to provide a more natural look. It was at this time that hair restoration would take another major step forward. 

In 1994, surgeons began practicing a new procedure known as follicular unit transplantation, or FUT. FUT was a more logical extension of the micro-grafting and mini-grafting surgeries. This process involved using stethoscopic dissecting microscopes in order to provide a more natural-looking result with a better growth rate for the transplanted hairs. 

"FUE is an advanced form of hair restoration surgery. "

The next big step in hair restoration treatments would come in 1999 with follicular unit extraction, or FUE. Developed by an Australian surgeon named Dr. Ray Woods, FUE differed from FUT in that the surgeon extracts individual follicular units, rather than a strip of them. While it took some time for the establishment to begin practicing FUE, it is now widely regarded as an advanced form of hair restoration surgery. 

The many benefits of a FUE procedure include the most natural-looking hair restoration, a quick recovery time and no linear scarring as opposed to more traditional hair transplants. It's a more versatile treatment, because individuals who have had it are able to cut their hair short and still enjoy a natural look. 

Today, people suffering from hair loss enjoy state-of-the-art treatments that return their own natural hair to their scalps. This hair grows normally, can be cut normally, and lets the individual enjoy all the normal activities like swimming and exercising. If you're suffering from thinning hair and you'd like to learn more about the most advanced hair restoration treatments available, schedule a consultation with Dr. Marotta today. 

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