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If you are experiencing hair loss and are interested in learning about non-invasive treatments, read on to see if PRP with ACell is the right choice for you.

An overview of PRP with ACell Injections

Genetics accounts account for 80 percent of hair loss, according to The Tech. Hair transplant procedures and other surgical therapies can be helpful in hair restoration. However, for those who seek a non-surgical alternative, PRP with ACell injections may be the best option. If you are experiencing hair loss and are interested in learning about non-invasive treatments, read on to see if PRP with ACell is the right choice for you.

What is PRP? 
Platelet-rich plasma therapy, otherwise known as PRP, has become a popular technique for healing in the last decade. After obtaining a sample of the patient's blood, the doctor uses a specific method for extracting the platelets. This is typically done by using centrifugal force to obtain the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the sample. Because platelets are concentrated with lysosomes, glycogen and alpha granules that promote the growth of new cells, they can be used for healing and regeneration. The PRP also delivered to a patient through a series of injections.

"Blood platelets can be used for healing and regeneration."

What is ACell? 
ACell is a leading manufacturer of regenerative products. The company specializes in finding new ways to heal the body. It has developed methods for treating burn victims, diabetes patients and more. In relation to hair restoration, ACell has discovered an injection method that makes the most of PRP. It targets hair follicles and the scalp on a cellular level to revitalize and restore its health. 

How do these combined therapies treat hair loss? 
By combining the PRP with the ACell injection, hair loss specialists can get to the root of the problem. In the procedure, patients' scalps will be numbed before the doctor uses the ACell technologies to inject the patients' own PRP into the scalp. The proteins in the PRP then work to stimulate natural hair growth in inactive follicles. The process takes less than 90 minutes and recovery time is minimal, making it one of the least invasive hair restoration solutions available.  

Is PRP with ACell Injections right for you? 
Most patients typically experience very few side effects with this treatment method. However, as if true with any medical procedure, individuals will need to consult with their doctors to determine the best course of action. Specialists can help patients determine if PRP with ACell Injections is the best overall therapy plan.

Hair restoration does not always mean that a patient will have to undergo surgery. Thanks to medical advancements and procedures such as PRP with ACell Injections people are afforded a simpler, less invasive hair regeneration option. This treatment has been used on people with mild to severe hair loss, though in advanced cases, it is most effective when combined with another therapy such as FUE surgery. 

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