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Cold weather can be a problem for anyone with wet hair.

3 reasons to avoid wet hair in the winter

It takes time to get ready in the morning, even for a relatively low-maintenance guy. Sometimes, there just isn't a moment to spare to dry your hair before rushing outside. It pays to take the extra time to do so, however, since there are some consequences for going out into the world with moisture on your head.

Of course, how your choose to dry your hair will depend on the actual length, how cold it is outside and which method of drying you prefer. The important thing is to remember to do it, as you can see from these three examples.

#1: It can freeze
This is the most obvious point, but it needs to be made. Hair plus water plus cold air equals frozen hair, and the effect can be anywhere from inconvenient to damaging. This quote from "Hair Care Rehab" author Audrey Davis-Sivasothy sums up the threat of frozen hair nicely.

"When water anywhere gets cold enough to freeze, it expands," she told Simone, a wellness and beauty publication for women. "If your hair freezes, it becomes less pliable and is certainly more vulnerable to breakage. So beyond the obvious discomfort, it's definitely not a good idea to go out with a wet head in below-freezing temperatures." 

She went on to recommend deep conditioning, oil and proper headgear to keep the hair protected. All of these tips may be helpful for men, too.

#2: Wet hair can get messed up under a hat
Cold temperatures can make for perfect beanie or stocking cap weather, but there's still some danger here if you aren't careful. GQ said a beanie specifically could muss up wet hair or matt it down in an odd shape, creating more styling work for you later on.

The source also said a loose-fitting beanie is "better for all hair types," so keep that in mind as well if this is your hat of choice. While longer hair is clearly good for staying warm, shorter hair might be preferable if you don't want to worry about reshaping your hair every time you take your hat off. Whatever you decide, it's clear that drying the hair thoroughly makes a big difference.

#3: You won't get a cold…but you could have other health problems
There's a myth that going outside with wet hair exposed could leave you with a cold. That's unlikely, but in severe temperatures, you might stand at risk of other problems. A 2012 study in Medical Hypotheses suggested a connection between cold, wet hair and other conditions, namely sinus headaches and eye pain. If you want to stay in better shape in general, it's probably best to dry that hair and keep it covered.

While these tips will set you straight with cold and wet hair, Dr. Marotta can help with hair replacement surgery. Contact us today or click on the image below for more information.

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