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3 hairstyles that look great after a hair transplant

3 hairstyles that look great after a hair transplant

If you've lived with hair loss for several years, chances are hairstyles have changed quite a bit since you were last able to properly groom your locks. Look at any picture from just five years ago and you'll see how quickly fashions and styles disappear.

A hair transplant can give you a younger, more stylish look. One type of procedure, known as Follicular Unit Extraction, uses hair follicles from other parts of the body to regrow the hair on your head. These hairs may have different textures and growth rates, so it's important to have realistic expectations for after the procedure.

Read on to learn about a few hairstyles that look great after a hair transplant:

1. Short hair with cropped fringe
After a hair transplant, you'll find that a little mousse can go a long way, adding volume and fullness in all the right places. About two weeks after your transplant, you'll be able to use styling products once again. By keeping the sides short and cropping your bangs just below the hairline, you'll create a stylish look that works well following a hair transplant. Plus, it's easy to maintain. Rub some mousse between your fingers and gently tousle the longer hair at the crown and top of your head, then head out the door.

Styling product can add volume to your hair after a transplant.Styling product can add volume to your hair after a transplant.

2. Textured curly
This look is also quite easy to maintain and fits well with many face shapes. A slight fade on the sideburns and a messy look on top can make your hair transplant appear even more natural. Spray some product on to help your hair keep that textured appearance, and you're good to go. This is a great cut for those warm summer months ahead.

3. The Caesar
For men who opt to get a hair transplant only on the crown of their head, this style, similar to that of the famed Roman emperor, is perfect for a rounder hair line. For this style, you can keep your hair short and use a small amount of product to smooth the hair at the top of your head forward. Several weeks after your hair transplant, when you are able to get a haircut, ask your barber to use shears to cut your hair into short layers. They'll know what to do.

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