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5 summer hair care tips for men

5 summer hair care tips for men

With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about protecting your hair from the elements. For men with hair loss who have recently had a hair transplant, it's good to brush up on your summer hair care routine to keep those new locks looking great.

Here are five tips to keep your hair stylish this summer:

1. Always use conditioner

Your body needs water to survive. During the hot summer months, you probably drink more water throughout the day to replace the moisture that left your body from exertion. The same rule should apply to your hair. After using a gentle shampoo, apply conditioner to your hair, following the instructions on the bottle. As Marie Claire Magazine noted, this will help lock in moisture and keep your new locks shiny and soft.

2. Apply sunscreen before going outdoors

A sunburnt scalp just isn't fun. It may also be harmful to your hair follicles. This summer, protect your sensitive scalp from harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen where needed. If you're still considering hair rejuvenation, it's best to apply sunscreen to all bald patches.

Use sunscreen wherever your scalp is exposed.Use sunscreen wherever your scalp is exposed.

3. Keep your hair short

BoldSky Magazine suggested keeping your hair short during the summer time to prevent overheating and excess sweating. About two weeks after your hair transplant, you'll be able to get a haircut and style your hair however you wish.

If you use mousse to create a thicker look, you may continue to do so throughout the summer. However, you may need to re-apply styling products after physical activity.

4. Protect against chlorine

Swimming is a great way to cool off in the summertime, but the chlorine in pool water can quickly dry out your hair. Use a swim cap while you're in the pool or try to keep your head above water level.

If you dry your hair with a blow dryer after a swim, use the coolest setting to avoid losing too much moisture. It's better to pat your hair with a soft towel.

5. Avoid tight hairstyles

If you decide to go against tip No. 3 and let your hair grow out, you may be tempted to pull it back into a "man bun" while you're working out. Unfortunately, tight hairstyles can increase hair loss, so try to keep things loose.

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