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5 styles that look great after a beard transplant

5 styles that look great after a beard transplant

Beards aren't just for hipsters and lumberjacks. Even on Long Island, you're likely to see men of all ages sporting coifed facial hair. From cascading beards to waxed mustaches, the styles are limitless.

For men with very thin or patchy beards, it may seem like any of these styles are far out of reach – but you don't have to go clean-shaven! Beard transplants are on the rise. The New York Times reported that, since 2012, beard transplants have grown more popular. In 2015, they accounted for 3.7 percent of all hair restoration procedures worldwide.

Here are five styles that look great following a beard transplant:

1. Thin styled beard

According to BeardBro, this style of facial hair is perfect for men with oval or square face shapes. To achieve the look, you need to let your sideburns grow down until they fade into your beard. Then, keep your mustache and beard trimmed at the same short length. It should look like a three-day old beard, but well groomed.

2. Bold and thick beard

To take things in another direction, consider the bold and thick look. This style can work with any face shape and projects an aura of confidence and command. You'll need to let your new facial hair grow out for a few days, then trim the bottom so it curves gently. Keep the top edge angled down and don't let your mustache hang over your lip.

A full beard can make you look suave and sexyA full beard can make you look suave and sexy.

3. Royale beard

According to Gillette, the royale beard is a well-trimmed mustache anchored by an angular goatee. This is a style that works well with a square jawline. If you're starting from a full beard, you can define your sideburns, mustache and goatee with an electric razor before shaving the remainder of your face. Transplanted beards grow back the same way natural hair does, so don't be shy with the razor!

4. Short boxed beard

This style is a short, trimmed beard with angular sides. Think of a tamed version of the bold and thick beard. It's very easy to maintain, since you only need to trim around your jawline when things get too scruffy, and you can use a razor to define the angles below your cheek bones.

5. Short and tapered beard

This beard type complements a short haircut with faded sideburns. It creates a repeating gradient effect, with slightly thicker hair on the top of your head, fading down to nearly non-existent sideburns and back to a full thick beard at the jawline.

These are just a few styles to experiment with. After a beard transplant, you'll have more facial hair to play with, so try a few styles until you find the one that's right for you!

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