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Does your hair match your age?

Does your hair match your age?

When it comes to skin care, New Yorkers are doing something right. In a recent online survey conducted by YouBeauty, people from New York tend to look their age – while people in neighboring states are more likely to look up to three years older than they really are!

New York was one of only three states – the others being Minnesota and Hawaii – where people tend to look their age. Sun damage and diet play important roles in how your skin looks.

But all of that hard work could go to waste if your hair makes you look older than you really are. Bald patches and receding hairlines could make you look wise beyond your years – but that's not always a good thing.

There's no shame in balding…

Hair loss is usually a natural process. Occasionally, tight headwear or hairstyles could cause traction alopecia, but in general, hair loss is caused by genetic factors.

Some men may be able to pull off a balding look – but some just look better with a full head of hair. It often depends on your face shape. Hair loss also tends to look more natural on older men who have already progressed far in their personal and professional lives.

Men's Health Magazine reported that, by age 35, two out of every three men will experience some hair loss, though many men may experience some hair loss before they turn 30.

Balding men often experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.Balding men often experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

…but there is something you can do about it!

If you're a younger man who has already lost more hair than you're comfortable with, there are many hair restoration options available to you. A hair transplant, for instance, can help you look and feel your age.

With a new head of hair, you'll regain your confidence and self esteem. Vice Magazine reported that many men experience symptoms of depression and anxiety when dealing with hair loss at any age. The source noted that even celebrities aren't immune, citing the restored hairlines of LeBron James, Kevin Spacey and David Beckham.

Hair transplants aren't only for the rich and famous – Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University, Dr. Robert Bernstein told Vice that an estimated 400,000 people around the world receive FUE hair transplants every year.

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