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How to reduce the appearance of scalp scars

How to reduce the appearance of scalp scars

The human body is great at repairing itself. When something goes awry, various systems within the body get to work on rebuilding the damaged tissue. This is typically efficient, but does not always produce a beautiful result.

Scars form when collagen seals broken skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, scars can appear in many different colors and some may fade over time. Even light scars can take months to fully disappear, and deep scars will often last for years – or for a lifetime.

Scarring on the scalp – whether it was caused by an accident, surgery or previous hair treatment – can be frustrating to live with. Although scars tend to have fewer active nerve endings than healthy skin, they can still cause physical discomfort, as well as social uneasiness.

Thankfully, there are options for reducing the appearance of scars on the scalp.

Over the counter options

Head to any big-box store and you're likely to find a number of over-the-counter scar treatment options. Some are more effective than others, and only a licensed medical professional can advise you on which treatments might work best for you.

Elle Magazine reported that products containing alpha hydroxy acids may be effective as they exfoliate the skin, making room for new skin to grow and flourish. For deep, textured scars, topical treatments will likely not be enough. For large scalp scars, you may need a more effective option.

An FUE hair transplant can hide scalp scars easily.An FUE hair transplant can hide scalp scars easily.

If your scalp scars were caused by an accident or previous hair treatment, you should consider an updated follicular unit extraction procedure. This method of hair transplant uses your own hair to create a new area of growth.

FUE hair transplants are a great way to cover scars. In fact, FUE is commonly referred to as a scarless hair transplant. It's best suited for men who like to keep their hair short throughout the year. Micropigmentation may also be used to provide further depth and hide discoloration from scarring.

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