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Read on to learn about the most common hair loss myths.

4 hair-loss myths debunked

Hair loss can be a great cause of stress for some people. Part of this trouble is the result of misunderstandings and the myths surrounding hair loss. Read on to learn about the most common hair​-loss myths.

1. Wearing hats frequently causes hair loss. 
At some point, the rumor that wearing hats too often can cause hair loss started. However, this is untrue. While wearing a hat too tightly can cause loss of scalp circulation – which, in turn, can result in follicle damage – it does not directly cause hair loss.

2. Improving circulation to the scalp can cure hair loss. 
For a period, people believed that improving circulation in the scalp could promote hair growth. Unfortunately, this is false. Stimulating scalp circulation can improve hair and root health, but it will not stop hair loss. 

Scalp stimulation can improve hair health but not hair growth.Scalp stimulation can improve hair health but not hair growth.

3. All hair loss is genetic. 
You may want to point fingers at your ancestors if you're experiencing hair loss, but it isn't always their fault. Some hair loss is caused by stress, anemia or damage to the follicles. Additionally, though diet cannot be directly linked to hair loss, a lack of vitamins and other nutrients can result in loss of hair or slow hair growth.

4. There is nothing you can do about hair loss. 
For some, hair loss can feel like the end. They may believe that there isn't anything they can do to stop it or reverse it. However, there are many procedures available to restore your head of hair. Follicular Unit Extraction surgery, micropigmentation and laser hair therapy are all excellent methods of combating hair loss.

People who understand the truths and the myths about hair loss can make a more informed decision about the best method of treatment for them. 

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