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How to prepare for a hair transplant

How to prepare for a hair transplant

A hair transplant can change your life, creating a new, confident image of yourself. Prior to the procedure, it's common to have feelings of nervousness or anxiety, as well as excitement. Channel that nervous energy and use it constructively to make sure you're fully prepared for your hair transplant.

At your consultation, you'll be briefed on everything you need to know about your specific procedure, including what you can do beforehand. In the meantime, here are some things you might want to do prior to your hair replacement surgery:

Stay healthy
When you're healthy, your body is better at recovering from surgery. In the case of a hair transplant, it can help to quit smoking at least 24 hours before the procedure. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute reported that smoking can limit the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your body – that could slow your rate of healing. 

In the days and weeks leading up to your hair transplant, eat a healthy balanced diet, stay hydrated and avoid activities that could cause undue strain and stress to your body.

A healthy body will recover from surgery more quickly.A healthy body will recover from surgery more quickly.

Practice relaxation techniques
As with any procedure, it's normal to feel anxious beforehand. U.S. News & World Report recommended practicing relaxation techniques before your surgery. For some, this might mean meditating a few times a day,  while others might use yoga to relax. Find what works for you and try to stay calm as you prepare for you hair transplant.

Get a scalp massage
There are few things more relaxing than a scalp massage, and it can have added benefits pre-surgery as well. Scalp massages can help to improve skin tone and promote blood flow. You can give yourself a scalp massage or ask your partner to help out.

Ask questions
The experienced team at Marotta Hair Restoration is ready to answer any questions you have about your procedure. Don't hesitate to ask anything that comes to mind as you prepare for your hair restoration treatment. You should feel relaxed and absolutely confident in your decision to pursue a more youthful, fuller head of hair.

Dr. Marotta is a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon. He is committed to delivering the best experience possible to his clients. Schedule a consultation today to see how Long Island Hair Restoration specialist, Dr. Marotta, and his team can help you decide which hair restoration method is right for you.

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